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Allison M Baxley

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Allison M Baxley



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Creative Director


Not many 12-year olds can tell you without a doubt what they want to be when they grow up, but I could. Advertising. It’s always been advertising. Bold game-changing concepts, big inspiring ideas and beautiful branding and design.I’m extremely passionate about what I do and I’m excited about where the industry is heading. It’s like going around a corner and not being able to see around the bend. I want to help shape what’s around the bend. My traditional background and digital skills allow me to solve problems from every angle. If you need solutions, reach out. I’m currently open to freelance and full-time global agency opportunities. PORTFOLIO // allisonbaxley.comWNW // // 646.509.0351EMAIL // allison.baxley@gmail.comSKYPE // allison.baxleySpecialties: 360° CAMPAIGNS // ART DIRECTION // DESIGN // CONCEPTS // CONTENT // DIGITAL // SOCIAL // MOBILE // PRINT // VIDEO // PRODUCT INNOVATION // PLATFORM DEVELOPMENT // STORYTELLING 

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