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Clare McNally

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Clare McNally



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Creative Director


I am an award-winning advertising Copywriter, Brand Strategist, Author and Educator who sees endless potential in brands and people. Thanks to Scandinavia’s utopian ‘equality’ not yet reaching Creative Departments, I am now also an activist. Award juries in Denmark are just 10% female and unicorns are a dime a dozen compared to female CD’s. The sad jury picture on the left is from 2018. The amazing jury picture on the right is fake. It’s part of a 2019 April Fools Joke article we published announcing a progressive, new ‘Future Experience’ jury for the Creative Circle Awards show. It was the third most read article of 2019. Clearly, we made our point. We followed up by launching a platform for female creatives in Denmark to inspire real change. I am part of that change and I inspire personally through the creation of gender equality initiatives; my teaching roles in three Danish creative institutes; keynote talks around the world; workshops in creativity, brand building and entrepreneurship; and my enthusiastic mentorship of young men and women. More than anything, I want women to step up and make their mark in this industry I love. The industry, and the work, will be better for it. 


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