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Fernanda Gil

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Fernanda Gil



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Art Director


She is so passionate about brands, that brands have made her a lucky lifetime globetrotter.
Fernanda started her career in China with a key project; introducing the sandwich concept to the Chinese market for the biggest bread company in the world; after she was brought again to Asia to be part of a critical massive brand purchase, Tiger Beer with Heineken; later moved to Detroit to join forces on the mighty project “The road to number one” with Dominos Pizza, engage in global projects like; selling American pizza in Italy or converting a well-known pizza chain in Germany.
During her extended career she has won creative awards, even she was named Innovation Ambassador, and after all she learned that there is an interesting gap between business and brand communication, so what better choice than to join the creative industry to skyrocket the power of those new brands she will be lucky to work for in the future.
Her golden rules are; always deepen into yourself first, find your tribe and life is a journey don’t let anything define you!
Leaving the world slightly more inspiring, beautiful and sustainable that you found it. — That is her life purpose.