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Andrea Rodríguez Pabón

  • Colombia

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Andrea Rodríguez Pabón



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Creative Director

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I am overall a professional eater, hunger is my favorite tattoo, and the only thing I do better than eating is considered my self a creative learner, a passionate copywriter, crazy about the digital world, a bit of a social network addict, multitask, a food thinker with artistic interests, focused in our human behavior, concept development, creative point of views, dad jokes, advertising, communication, visual arts, cooking, yes, cooking because cook is our most human and instinctive creative process and ends up with people sharing and communicating around someone else culture, life and more…


Based in Bogotá – Colombia open to work all over the planet.


With an emphasis on digital communication and creative writing, I have played part in advertising strategies, creative digital innovation campaigns, media communication campaigns and pieces with creative concepts of excellent reception. Demonstrating my strong interest in display the formal configurations and the interpretation of design and advertising as producers of our unique storytelling, of our relationships, as communicators: as the creators of the world itself.


“The poetry of quotidian”


El Ojo de Iberoamérica
El Sol

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