inVisible Creatives has launched Mentor-at-Home 
A speed-dating-style online mentorship program.

Our mission? To make mentorship more accessible, easy and fresh.

We know that mentorship is a huge driver for success, in the workplace and in life. For women in the creative industries however, finding a relatable mentor can be very challenging.

We often get asked by people in our community to match them with mentors. Mentor-at-home helps us do that. Its speed-dating style gives mentees quick access to different mentors so they can decide who they feel chemistry with and which relationship they might want to take forward. Much like real speed dating in fact!

If you’re interested in joining one of our Mentor-at-Home sessions, either as a mentor or  mentee (or both!), fill in the below form.

Thank you very much and we look forward to speed-dating you soon!