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This part is super important… so while I am working on how to write about me in a witty or epic kind of way, I felt there are some things I should tell you about me in case you stop by besides having the link to my portfolio

-Born and raised in Mexico (a different POV)
-Followed my dream of advertising to the U.S. (the chance to meet me)
-I have worked (and lived) with agencies in Dallas, NY, Chicago and Los Angeles. (Plenty of experience in the “3” coasts 😉
-I have experience with small and big brands as well as budgets. (I can play well with anyone)
-I love working with younger creatives, I feed off their energy and attitude. (Tireless dedication to you)
-Because of that I am more of a hands-on creative director. (No attitude or fear of getting dirty)
-I am an art director turned writer who still loves art direction. (I know a little of a lot of things to get me in trouble)
-I am an avid runner (it’s my Zen place) (If at any time you want to stress me out, no worries I can deal with it)
-My other love (besides wife, dog and advertising) is cooking… another creative outlet for me. (Check out my blog below if you want to take a peek) (I can cook for the agency…definitely a plus)
– I can make an amazing taco out of almost anything and everything. (Don’t believe me…try me?) (See above)

Also to give you a peek into my everyday life you can check out the links below and if there is anything else you would like to know just reach out. Cheers!

voices inside my head
My online journal of what I find cool or interesting in the world of advertising.

city tattoos
My photo blog documenting street art. Through it I have met and collaborated with some pretty talented peeps.

what i cook for my wife
My adventures in cooking as another creative outlet mainly with my wife as guinea pig.






Creative Role
Creative Director

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