inVisible Creatives is an initiative to help fix the gender ratio in the advertising industry by creating the largest female creative database.

Less than 11% of creative directors at ad agencies are women. inVisibleCreatives is an initiative to fix the gender ratio in the advertising industry, once and for all by creating the largest female creative database featuring the work from all women around the world. We are focused on junior, mid-level and senior talent. The ones that get very little visibility, in general.

We are partnering up with talent agencies and advertising agencies to make sure they consider one of the often overlooked portfolios for potential hires. More women being considered, getting more interviews and more chances to get a job, and to end the underrepresentation of women in creative departments. Having more female visibility will also impact the way women get represented in advertising, for the benefit of society as a whole.

inVisible creatives also want to reframe the gender conversation in the ad industry and make it a talent one, not a quota one. Otherwise, we are giving the wrong message to the creative industry: your agency needs more female creatives not because it looks bad in the press release to have all male new hires, but because female creatives are freakin’ good at their jobs. We are here to champion and celebrate female work. That’s the only way more women will get hired, promoted, recognized.