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Natalie Rose

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Natalie Rose



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Creative Director


Natalie grew up in Durban, a sunny town on the East coast of South Africa. When Durban felt too small for her, she packed her bags and made her way to the Mother of all cities, Cape Town. From there she moved to Johannesburg. After Johannesburg got too small, she made sure her next move was a big one, crossing the Atlantic to the Big Apple. She lives with her husband Adam and her son Luke.Natalie has had global, integrated experience working on Samsung, Volvo, Canon, Procter & Gamble: Febreze,, States United to Prevent Gun Violence (SUPGV), Nissan, OMO, The Cape Times, The Mail & Guardian, Standard Bank, Tiger Brands, Flight Centre and the Organ Donor Foundation. She has been a part of the New York Festivals Grand Jury, and has judged at several local award shows both in South Africa and the US.Despite her best efforts, her mother still has no idea what she does.


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