Meet the team, Arah Kim, Alexandra Luna, Ximena Baltaza & Marcela Angeles some of the creatives behind the Super Bowl campaign for the Northgate Market.

What is the original brief of the idea? You feel the idea accomplish the original brief?

The brief was to be relevant during Super Bowl as a charter brand by communicating that we sell all the products that you need to enjoy the big game. I think that the idea accomplished what we needed by piggybacking those big brands that spent all the production and media budget and us just doing mico-targeting and communicating the right thing at the right time.

Given that you had to play with the spots from other brands how you guys managed to pull that together? what challenges do you encounter?
It was very time-limited, we knew that we couldn’t do anything before the brands started releasing their ads or teasers. We had to wait until one week before the game to write scripts, do the casting, and produce the spots. We had to pick the right commercials for us to be relevant to our target.

Besides your amazing work from the SB what was your favorite SB of all time?
I think the simple and memorable commercial of “The Force” by Volkswagen.

Finally, we want to know who inspires you creatively? Any advertising heroes? 
Creatively: Ami Vitale, Remedios Varo, Gabriel García Marquez, John Stanmeyer.
Advertising: Cindy Gallop, Gerry Graff