June 2020 is Belgian month at inVisible Creatives. All month we’ll feature the best Belgian talent. Please meet Anne-Cécile Collignon, PR Manager & Copywriter at mortierbrigade.


What is the piece of work you’re most proud of and why? 

NotFound.org. It was my very first project as PR Manager. It is a very simple, but yet strong idea. We first launched it in Belgium but it got international interest and we were asked to develop the project in the whole of the EU and even beyond. We helped other countries to develop it locally and coordinated the different international launches. Still today, it is the most successful project of Missing Children Europe and people are still using it. It’s the kind of creativity everybody within the industry is looking for: an idea that is really meaningful and has impact on society.

Another (more recent) project I’m very proud of is “Voice of Brussels” for Brussels’ Public Transport STIB/MIVB. It’s the kind of project I never imagined working on, because who ever thought we will deal with such a global pandemic crisis, right? So, to bring hope to people who were stuck home, we created a bus that broadcasts messages of love from the people of Brussels to their loved ones, through loudspeakers. We created a link between the brand and its users during a very critical moment. Besides the success of the campaign, it’s  been very fulfilling to see you can make people smile during such hard times.

Do you ever feel invisible at work and if so, how do you make yourself more visible?

I definitely feel invisible. Firstly because advertising it a creative industry that mainly emphasise the ‘conceptors/creatives’ but also because I’m working backstage. Too busy PR-ing others as opposed to myself.

Who do you admire in the industry and why? 

People who are able to express what’s on their mind in visuals. I cannot draw, design or direct. All I have to express myself is words so, for me, it’s kind of surrealistic to see someone’s imagination come alive in pictures. I really admire and envy that kind of gift.