Meet Vrinda Varnekar (Senior Copywriter) & Aindrila Chatterjee (Creative Supervisor) from Wunderman Thompson India, the creatives behind the LUX “Soap with a Lump’ campaign.

What was the insight or strategy behind the campaign?

Aindrila: The fact that most women in India are so uncomfortable with the subject of breast health, and shy away from talking about anything related to breasts, even if it means that it could help detect breast cancer. We wanted to do something that would encourage more women to self-examine daily without feeling awkward and create a long-lasting impact. Lux, India’s iconic soap brand, was the right partner for this journey.

Vrinda: Because of our patriarchal society, women feel shame for drawing attention to their bodies. It was important to get them to change this outlook and to initiate a change in behaviour, but it was also important to do it in a way that was discreet, a way that didn’t make them feel awkward. Lux is a household name in India, and we knew if anyone could help bring about this change, it would be Lux.

What were the particular challenges of bringing this idea to life?

Vrinda: The biggest challenge was making sure we encourage more self-examination without making women feel uncomfortable or awkward. Awareness through words wasn’t going to be enough, and we had to do something fundamental. Getting more women to talk about breast health, was very, very important for us. Our clients at Unilever were very supportive, and were partners with us throughout this very eventful journey.

Aindrila: The Lux soap has made its way to the most intimate setting in most households: the shower. It was the ideal way to reach every woman and remind her to check herself when she was alone. Having said that, it was definitely a journey from the idea phase to the final execution, and every step was eventful in its own way. But we kept our focus, kept working towards the final goal, and together with the client, made ‘The Soap with a Lump’ a reality.

What did you learn from working on this campaign?

Aindrila: This campaign was an eye-opener for a lot of us and we realized this especially at the screening camps where we distributed ‘The Soap with a Lump’. These women were a little apprehensive at first, but we saw them open up slowly after understanding the idea behind the product. They were so grateful that something was being done about this subject, something that they couldn’t openly discuss otherwise…

Vrinda: No matter what a woman’s age or socio-economic status is, most women are still hesitant before talking about their breast health. We realized there is still so much stigma attached to breast cancer even today, and we need to do everything we can to change that. Beginning with normalizing self-examination, as well as being open about the topic of breast health. It’s a start.

Who inspires you in this industry?

Vrinda: We’re so fortunate to be surrounded by such brilliant minds and to learn so much from them, right from how they approach a simple brief, to how they tackle a cause as big as this. Tista Sen, our Regional Creative Director, Priti Kapur, Kainaz Karmarkar, Swati Bhattacharya, are some of the people that inspire me the most.

Aindrila: It really is a privilege to be surrounded by great minds! I’d say Uma Rudd Tan, Scott Bell, Tista Sen, Agnello Dias, Ashish Chakravarty, Kainaz Karmakar are some of the names inspiring me in advertising.

V&A: And of course, our wonderful bosses, Ashish Pathak and Chandni Kapur, at WT! They’re always looking out for us and they help us make our work the best version of itself. Their encouragement and their support inspire us a lot.

What would be your advice for people who feel invisible professionally?
Aindrila: Just keep at it. No matter how hard it gets. If your ideas are good, and you’re determined enough, nobody can stop you.
Vrinda: We all have invisible days, but the thing to remember when you feel that way is, this doesn’t define you, or your talent. Even if you feel invisible now, it doesn’t mean it’s going to stay that way forever. You just have to keep going, keep doing what you’re good at, and keep thinking of new ideas. It will all fall into place.