We’re happy to introduce you to Josie Fox, a Sr.Art Director at Special Group Australia

What is the piece of work you’re most proud of and why?

That’s like asking me to pick a favourite kind of pasta, they’re all delicious for different reasons! But seriously, everything I’ve worked on has given me a sense of pride for one reason or another. I’m always learning something new with each brief. If I had to choose just one I’d say Cards Against Domestic Violence. It’s an older project but one that still has pride of place in my book. There was never a brief for it, just a comment made by a client who worked for another organisation in a meeting about something else. It came to life because once we knew that 1 in 3 Australian women experience physical violence at the hands of someone they know, we had to do something. If you looked up the definition of a ‘love job’ in the advertising dictionary you’d see a picture of these cards. There was no account service team, no producer, no time on the clock. Just passion, late nights and lots and lots and lots of favours. Thanks to my days dabbling in typography to my typography hobby I was able to engage 4 incredible women to donate their time and talents for free. We wrangled printing and paper donations and physically walked around asking stores to stock them for us. Not only do the final cards make me proud, but also the hustle and hard work that made them.


Do you ever feel invisible at work and if so, how do you make yourself more visible?

One hundred percent! For me, the feeling of invisibility has always been linked to a sense of inadequacy. The belief that I’m less talented and my opinions are less valid than those around me. But as I’ve progressed through my career I’ve gotten better at pushing back against this imposter syndrome and having the confidence to speak out and be seen. My experience with SIBI last year was a huge factor in this. Spending time with 14 other amazing women who all felt the same way at one point or another was a huge lightbulb moment for me. I remember thinking how can THEY think they’re not good enough, these women are incredible! Now when I catch myself staying silent or not fighting for what I believe in I just picture them standing behind me (in a triangle formation, arms crossed of course), and that gives me the confidence to make sure my voice is heard. My advice for anyone else feeling this way is to remember that you’re far from alone.

Who do you admire in the industry and why?

The women! My advertising journey has been earmarked by women empowering women. Each step of my career has been defined and shaped that way, and I’m grateful to play my role in that cycle. It doesn’t matter if we’re from competitive agencies, different countries, or different disciplines, the women of the adland are always looking for ways to help each other out and change the issues facing the industry together and I love being part of that club.

What do you love about your job?

It’s a bit of a cliche, but I love that every day is different. One week I’m an expert in wine, the next I’m engrossed in celebrity culture. I love being paid to throw myself into different worlds and to think like different people. I also love that I get to meet and work with so many wildly talented people. Seeing my ideas being brought to life by photographers, directors, illustrators etc is my favourite part of the gig.