Our next Australian Portfolio of the Month is Katyana O’Neill, freelance Art Director.

What is the piece of work you’re most proud of and why? 
The Womankind launch for Berlei. In a category typically created for the male gaze we challenged the dated, gender backward norms.

Through research we found that historically bras, and bra advertising, hadn’t been kind to women. So our idea, ‘It’s time to be kind’, set out to uncover everything boobs had endured, whilst drawing parallels to the larger societal pressures women themselves had endured.

Instead of revealing women’s bodies, our ad revealed the truth. And that, I am proud of. I worked alongside a team of many brilliant females including my writer Ren Bryant and Creative Director, Barbara Humphries.


Do you ever feel invisible at work and if so, how do you make yourself more visible? 
I do. And as I become more senior in my career I am noticing this more.

As a junior I was expected to have a point of view. As a senior I’m expected to have a point of view and have it be heard in a room dominated by men. But as an introverted woman, I rarely feel empowered to own my voice in this environment. And that makes me feel invisible.

I feel visible when I surround myself with creative people that encourage and celebrate uniqueness rather than the loudest voice in the room. People who see it as a superpower. So I keep these people close.

Who do you admire in the industry and why? 
People who care. Even when the odds are against them. Even when they don’t have time. Even when they shouldn’t.

What do you love about your job? 
The pressure it puts on me to be better.

As ideas people in this industry, we are in a position of influence. We can inspire the many to look at something differently. We can educate them, empower them, and help them to be seen. We can change the world around them.

And I feel that pressure every. Damn. Day.