Please meet Paula Navarro, freelance creative from Bogota, Colombia.

What is the piece of work you’re most proud of and why? 
The piece of work I’m most proud of is the video I did with my partner Alejandra, for our participation in Young Lions Colombia 2020 with our campaign called “La Ñapa”. The brief was to create a solution for all the informal Colombian workers that were affected by the quarantine. This campaign was born under the colloquial expression “Ñapa”, the little gift that the salesperson gives to the customer as a present for the purchase they made, a sample. It encourages the customer to come return and remember the business. We wanted to change that dynamic, so instead of the sellers giving a “Ñapa”, we’ll be giving it.


Do you ever feel invisible at work and if so, how do you make yourself more visible? 
So far, I’ve had the fortune of working with amazing, talented and empathic people. From the beginning, they have showed me their support, patience and full disposition to teach me and guide me through this creative path, specially when sometimes, due to the fear of facing new challenges, I doubted myself or was scared. They encouraged me to continue and to be brave and believe in my ideas. Coworkers and leaders that trusted me and supported my projects, family and friendship support, all these things motivated me and incentived me to continue doing what I love.
Who do you admire in the industry and why? 
The people that I admire the most in the industry, are those who are brilliants, not only as creative, but as empathetic human beings. That trait allows them to build amazing ideas or solutions, and bond with the projects in a deeper and more sensitive way. I have definitely learned valuable lessons from them, and I have the fortune to call them friends. @mariaaa_ram, @mariajogomezr, @dobleyconhielos_, @lauraaovalle_ and Camila.
What do you love about your job? 
One of the most passionate things about my career is the constant learning. Often the creative path is tricky but at the end it has brought me incredible experiences. Connecting with projects but especially connecting with the people behind those projects is something wonderful, creating and thinking up as a group with sense and responsibility have allowed me to grow personally and professionally.