Please meet Mariela Rueda, Creative Director @almaagency

What is the piece of work you’re most proud of and why? 
t’s a TV commercial called “Robocop”. I love this piece because it has a strong latin insight, has humor and got many accolades.

Do you ever feel invisible at work and if so, how do you make yourself more visible? 
It is something that I did experience in the first years of my career. It was a period of great effort but at the same time of great growth. The way I looked for people to turn to see me was by always showing availability, interest and a lot of patience. Fortunately, people who believed in me appeared in my path and helped me grow. Today I consider myself very lucky to be in Alma, which is an agency where the work allows you to stay visible.
Who do you admire in the industry and why? 
I admire Susan Credle because her career is inspiring and flawless. She started as an intern and her work has led her to be one of the most prominent women in the international advertising industry. Her experience tells me that every woman has the possibility to go far with work and perseverance.
What do you love about your job? 
I find it a very diverse, interesting and fun job. I like that brands make me stay in touch with different topics, they make me observe people, stay informed and experience new things.