Please meet Veronica Elizondo, VP CD @conilladvertising

What is the piece of work you’re most proud of and why? 
“More than Cars,” a campaign we did for Toyota a few years ago. It was a proactive effort that came to life thanks to the fantastic clients who believed in the idea and the talented team I worked with, who put all their passion behind it. The campaign allowed us to connect with the Hispanic Audience in a deep and honest way. This time it wasn’t about selling them a specific model, but celebrate their loyalty to the brand. In the end, our original three months plan ended up being a two years program.


Do you ever feel invisible at work and if so, how do you make yourself more visible? 
I have been fortunate to work with people that respect and value my voice. If I sense the contrary, I just let my work and values speak for me. For me, it is a matter of focus and self-confidence. For example, I never go to a meeting, thinking I am the only female creative or a Latina. I instead invest my energy preparing myself to do the best I can.
Who do you admire in the industry and why? 
More than admiration, I instead say that I respect committed, fearless people with a strong work ethic. I have tons of gratitude to the Creative Directors who believed in me and mentored me to be the professional I am today.
What do you love about your job? 
The “eureka!” moment when you know you just came up with “THE ONE” idea. And that I get to integrate two of my passions in my creative work: Design and photography.