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Priscilla Karamzadeh


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Priscilla Karamzadeh



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Art Director

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Raised abroad with a global perspective on the world, I am driven and determined in reaching the height of my career through passion, hard work, and support for my fellow creators. As a Texas Tech University graduate with a BA in Advertising, I developed a creative portfolio at the Miami Ad School and continued to achieve my Masters in Global Strategic Communications from Florida International University.

Before building creative success for clients such as Universal, Southwest and STARZ, I refined my skills as an art director and designer at Ogilvy Paris where I worked for brands including Dove, IBM and Grey Goose. Outside of the ad world, my creative outlets in hand lettering and illustration have led me to design custom artwork, both personal and commissioned.

My goal is to become a future leader, shaping and leading my own team of creatives in a passion-forward and supportive environment.

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