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Shina Lee

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Shina Lee



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Art Director

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Anomaly NYC



I’m a NYC-based art director with experience in graphic design.

As you might have guessed, I love ogling at fish. As you might not have guessed, I also enjoy hoarding king-sized comforters, wearing the same outfit every day, and informing people that there is, in fact, another Singaporean art director named Shina Lee out there (seriously).

Right now, I’m a creative at Anomaly NY. In years past, I’ve been 1/8th of the n8tive team at Havas NY,  a sheep in BBH NY’s barn, and an ad major at Art Center College of Design. Before that, I was graphic designing in Singapore + LA, and before that I was a tortured violinist at a conservatory in London. Oh, and I grew up in Kyoto Japan. Fun times.

If you’d like to work with me, hit me up.

If you just wanna go to IKEA and shame-binge on $1 🌭 in the parking lot, definitely hit me up.